KITA [Participant]

    • Provide B2B March making service to you

    The Korea International Trade Association was established in 1946 with the objective of advancing the Korean economy through trade...

  • KITA testing account

    KITA testing account [Participant]

    • KITA Testing account.


  • Kockumation AB

    Kockumation AB [Participant]

    • Ship automation and ship horns

    Kockumation Group is a Swedish manufacturer of marine systems and products located in Malmoe.
    The knowledge base of Kockumation G...

  • koklas wood construction

    koklas wood construction [Participant]

    • Interior partitions for ships

    K.W C. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Interior Systems for public transport vehicles and furniture equipment.
    Our Interi...

  • Kongstein GmbH

    Kongstein GmbH [Participant]

    • Marine Engineering, logistics planning and implementation services

    KONGSTEIN combines decades of its founding partners’ accumulated expertise in marine engineering, logistics planning and implement...

  • Korea Special Valve Co.,Ltd

    Korea Special Valve Co.,Ltd [Participant]

    • Diesel engine, engine valves, and seats for vessels.

    1. 6, Namhangseo-ro 104beon-gil, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, Korea.

    2. KSV produces engine valves and seats for ships based on its techn...

  • Krylov State Research Center

    Krylov State Research Center [Participant]

    • Krylov State Research Center

    Core areas of Krylov Centre:
    Fundamental research related to marine and inland water technologies;
    Elaboration and justification...


    KTMI CO.,LTD. [Participant]

    • steel out-fitting structure & off-shore products

    KTMI Co.,Ltd., has been supplying Steel Out-Fitting Structure & Off-shore products to every Korean major shipyard since 1986. We h...

  • Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry

    Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry [Participant]

    • Senior Economist

    The Lagos Chamber's primary lines of operations are: Trade Promotion, research, SMEs capacity building and Policy Advocacy....




    LEAN MANUFACTURING AND MANAGEMENT (L2M) is specilazed in Lean implementation within industry and service organizations.
    We collab...

  • LHE CO., LTD.

    LHE CO., LTD. [Participant]

    • Plate Heat Exchanger & FW Generator

    LHE was established in 2001. A leader in heat transfer solutions by plate and frame heat exchangers, we play a core role in the Ko...

  • LNE Group GmbH

    LNE Group GmbH [Participant]

    • EU Funding and Advocacy Support

    LNE Group is an international government funding and government relations consultancy, working with clients in the United States a...

  • Loipart AB

    Loipart AB [Participant]

    • Galley-, Laundry-, Waste Management & Provision Room areas

    We are a world-leading supplier of marine Catering- & Waste Management appliances for cruise liners, passenger ships, cargo vessel...

  • Loksys G|A|S GmbH

    Loksys G|A|S GmbH [Participant]

    • Trakalok - Container Security Device (CSD)

    Loksys G|A|S GmbH distributes and operates Trakalok, a GPS-based security and monitoring systems for sea freight containers, swap ...

  • LPC Lange Piping Connections GmbH

    LPC Lange Piping Connections GmbH [Participant]

    • Flanges & Fittings & Forging at it's best

    We are located in Bremen, the north of Germany and our aim is to fulfill in your need in flanges, fittings, ball valve in carbon s...

  • LR Marine A/S

    LR Marine A/S [Participant]

    • LR Marine pipe insulation systems

    LR Marine A/S is a Danish Marine oriented Company providing Marine & Industrial solutions for piping, insulation and gas handling ...

  • Lübeck University of Applied Sciences

    Lübeck University of Applied Sciences [Participant]

    • Marine Technology Research

    The Center of Excellence CoSA (Communications - Systems - Applications) deals with Communications, Communications Engineering, Net...


    MANTECH [Participant]

    • Bolts and Nuts

    1. 30-12, Cheoyongsaneop 3-gil, Onsan-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea.

    2. We have specialized in production of all kinds of bolts a...

  • Marek Models

    Marek Models [Participant]

    • Hand-crafted ship model manufacturing company

    MAREK MODELS is a Polish company established in 1994 manufacturing ship models.
    Company was already engaged in ships, plants, bui...

  • MAREL Serwis Mariusz Samborski

    MAREL Serwis Mariusz Samborski [Participant]

    • Electrical automation services

    Location: Poland
    -Design, development and implementation of complex automation solutions
    -Repair of electronic devices