PARTNER-SHIP [Participant]

    • Metalworking, Ship Equipment

    PARTNER-SHIP is a modern company which specializes in metalworking. We are also an international supplier of machinery, equipment ...

  • PillAerator GmbH

    PillAerator GmbH [Participant]

    • Process air for "Air Lubrication Systems"

    From engineer to workshop technician, we are heart and soul into our turbo blower. As a spin-off of Piller Blowers & Compressors G...


    PLASTIMO [Participant]

    • PLASTIMO - over 50 years of industrial expertise in marine equipment

    Designer and manufacturer of safety, navigation and deck equipment for recreational boating and commercial or military marine acti...


    POLIMER [Participant]

    • travertine


    POLSHIP [Participant]

    • Steel repairs inc. welding, piping, locksmith jobs etc.

    POLSHIP is a private company providing repair services for shipyards, sea ships in Polish and foreign ports.

    Extensive experie...

  • Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce

    Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce [Participant]

    • Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines & Agriculture

    The Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (PHCCIMA) was established in 1957 as an interest group with...

  • Prisma Electronics

    Prisma Electronics [Participant]

    • LAROS - Remote condition monitoring and performance analysis system

    Prisma Electronics provides technology-based solutions for businesses and organizations. Through its R&D and technical divisions P...

  • Prisma Tibro, Sweden

    Prisma Tibro, Sweden [Participant]

    • Crankshaft Deflection Indicator, Prisma DI-5C

    Prisma Tibro, Sweden which is known in the market as Prisma Teknik AB is a manufacturing and development company located in Sweden...


    PROESYS S.R.L. [Participant]

    • T-PRAN Maritime Vessel Positiong System

    PROESYS Srl is an Italian innovative startup SME, founded in 2014, based in Rome at ESA BIC Lazio Incubator. The company main focu...

  • PROMATECH Maritime Technologies

    PROMATECH Maritime Technologies [Participant]

    • Efficient autonomous surface and underwater vehicle design and production (ASV)

    PROMATECH Maritime Technologies, founded in 2010, is a leading R&D and Innovation focused SME developing disruptive software and e...


    PSYCTOTHERM [Participant]

    • Marine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

    Psyctotherm operates on its own facilities at Piraeus, Greece in total area of 1800sqm.
    We cover all our activities workshop for ...

  • Queens Radio Marine Electronics (Pvt) Ltd.

    Queens Radio Marine Electronics (Pvt) Ltd. [Participant]

    • Marine Electronics & Engineering



    • Marine pumps

    Our Pumps Covering YQB type hydraulic pressure to drive the submerged cargo pump.
    centrifugal pump, screw pump and gear wheel...


    REŠETILOVS SIA [Participant]

    • Metalworking. Municipal wastewater biological treatment plants and stations.

    Design and manufacturing of stainless steel products, systems, parts for different industries. Products include: systems, componen...

  • RINA Germany GmbH

    RINA Germany GmbH [Participant]

    • Classification and Certification

    RINA is a multi-national Group which delivers verification, certification, conformity assessment, marine classification, environme...

  • RLS Rettungstechnologie GmbH

    RLS Rettungstechnologie GmbH [Participant]

    • Safely back on board - Rescue Equipment -

    RLS Rettungstechnologie GmbH in Germany - Hildesheim

    Safely back on board - Rescue Equipment.
    Office for research and construc...


    ROVALMA S.A. [Participant]

    • Rovalma S.A. - Product Profile

    Rovalma S.A., is a technological leader in the development and supply of advanced materials with unique thermo-mechanical properti...

  • RR Intelligent Ship Information System

    RR Intelligent Ship Information System [Participant]

    • Ship performance system

    RRIsis is an agile system that is able to rapidly adopt new technologies and can easily be adjusted and customized to individual n...

  • Ru.Sia, LLC

    Ru.Sia, LLC [Participant]

    • Complex repair of ships

    The company was founded in 2001 and based in St. Petersburg. The company specializes in complex ship repair. Among the company’s c...

  • S&W

    S&W [Participant]

    • Bolt & Camshaft & Valve seat & Valve spindle & Piston pin

    1. Since its establishment in 1967, S&W has been one of the world-best manufacturing companies for marine engine components with h...