• Algoryx Simulation AB

    Algoryx Simulation AB [Participant]

    • Ensuring safety and efficiency of offshore operations and engineering

    Our role, your trust:
    -Algoryx Simulation AB remains Software Vendor and Service Provider.
    -We do NOT sell simulators.
    -We sell...

  • Clean Ship Scandinavia AB

    Clean Ship Scandinavia AB [Participant]

    • Your partner for sustainable shipping!

    We assist ship owners, designers and yards in complying with current and future regulations, whilst at the same time increase the ...

  • Kockumation AB

    Kockumation AB [Participant]

    • Ship automation and ship horns

    Kockumation Group is a Swedish manufacturer of marine systems and products located in Malmoe.
    The knowledge base of Kockumation G...

  • Loipart AB

    Loipart AB [Participant]

    • Galley-, Laundry-, Waste Management & Provision Room areas

    We are a world-leading supplier of marine Catering- & Waste Management appliances for cruise liners, passenger ships, cargo vessel...

  • Optixmarine AB

    Optixmarine AB [Participant]

    • Optixdrive - Lowering fuel consumption with 25% for ships with shaft generator

    Optixmarine lower fuel consumption with 20% for ships with shaft generators through a variable gearbox "Optixdrive" that enable ma...

  • Prisma Tibro, Sweden

    Prisma Tibro, Sweden [Participant]

    • Crankshaft Deflection Indicator, Prisma DI-5C

    Prisma Tibro, Sweden which is known in the market as Prisma Teknik AB is a manufacturing and development company located in Sweden...