• Coldharbour Marine Limited

    Coldharbour Marine Limited [Participant]

    • Manufacturer/supplier of parts for Marine applications and experts in installation are sought

    Engineering company based in the East Midlands region of the UK specialised in designing, developing and building innovative Balla...

  • FSC Global Ltd

    FSC Global Ltd [Participant]

    • Electric Cable Suppliers Worldwide

    What we offer:
    FSC Global stock a wide range of specialist cables for use in the marine industry including Coax, Data, Bus, and F...

  • Geo Data Systems Limited

    Geo Data Systems Limited [Participant]

    • GSM and LTE Mobile Communications @ Sea

    GDSL is a UK Company pioneering in the field of Maritime Communications, we provide you with the ability to use our Mobile Phone S...

  • GI Group

    GI Group [Participant]

    • Ship Spares and Marine Parts

    From our headquarters in London we have been servicing our clients worldwide since 1993 in the supply of essential replacement mar...

  • Hoxy Tronic Ltd

    Hoxy Tronic Ltd [Participant]

    • Hoxy Tronic Fuel saving & NOx and PM emissions reduction technology

    Bristol UK based, Hoxy Tronic has developed a fuel saving and NOx and PM emissions reduction technology for combustion engines.



    IMI SSF [Participant]

    • Super Duplex, High Nickel & Titanium Alloy Fasteners

    SSF located in Derbyshire, UK, are the leading manufacturer of high integrity special fasteners (e.g. bolts, set screws, stud-bol...

  • Kawasaki Precision Machinery

    Kawasaki Precision Machinery [Participant]

    • Hydraulic component manufacturer

    Kawasaki is a total systems engineering company, leading the way in hydraulics and supplying equipment for a huge range of applica...

  • Marine Learning Alliance Ltd

    Marine Learning Alliance Ltd [Participant]

    • Distance Learning & Education for Maritime

    Marine Learning Alliance is a distance e-learning company specialising in hydrographic qualifications and other marine and maritim...

  • Matchtech

    Matchtech [Participant]

    • Matchtech - Maritime Recruitment Solutions

    With offices in the UK, China, South Africa, USA, UAE, Qatar, Malaysia, Mexico, Germany and Canada our maritime & shipping team co...


    SCISYS UK Ltd [Participant]

    • Integrated platform management and navigation tools

    SCISYS is an IT and software solutions provider based in the UK and Germany. The main ares of work for SCISYS are space, defence,...

  • Seanternet

    Seanternet [Participant]

    • WiFi zone at sea, no satellites required

    Founded in 2015, Seanternet is set to bring a superior, affordable and satellite-free Internet connectivity on the high seas. The ...