Bronze and steel propellers

What we are looking for:
We are looking new customers/partners/agents from maritime industry (shipyards, design offices, shipowners, propulsion specialist).

What we offer:
Tevo Oy Turenki foundry manufactures NiAl FPP's, hubs, caps and blades for CPP's. Since 2005, more than 2000 propellers have been delivered all over the globe. TEVO's propeller production is certified by all major international classification societies. We offer propellers as castings or finished machined.

Tevo Lokomo Oy Tampere steel foundry has an experience since 1915. In 1982 Lokomo steel foundry began to manufacture vacuum steels using world’s first “Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization Converter” VODC. Typically our steel castings are used in applications where high strength, corrosion resistance, thermal resistance of a combination of those is required. The superior weldability and mechanical properties of the vacuum refined Vaculok® steel castings is valued by many of our customers. Depending of the customer needs we can offer our castings in as cast condition or finish machined ready for assembly.

  • Shipyard installations and equipment
  • Shipbuilding materials
  • Propulsion system components (e.g. gearings, propellers, couplings)
  • Marine/Offshore technology
  • Shipowners
Collaboration sought:
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity
  • Manufacturing agreement
  • Trade Intermediary Service (agent, distributor, representative)


Mr Ari Viinikkala
Deputy MD

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