STD-TELEKONTA reliable - from design to turnkey

What we are looking for:
Cooperation partners
with interest and relations in all of named working areas

What we offer:
> maritime services - intermodal services
Port-security, CCTV and other optical-systems,
Radar solutions, special fences and access systems
as well as area monitoring and tower supervision.
> Laser systems, infra-red-systems and special
customer designed multipurpose systems.
> Reliable IT– and Software
> Access solutions e. g. for Port Management,
Yard Management and Port Security
> Terminal Operating System for Intermodal Terminals
Rail, Truck, Waterways
> Terminal Gates incl. monitoring, inspection,
meassurement and loading unit damage control
Hardware, barriers, lightning, fibre optical cable etc.

> railway-& port-railway services
Solutions for Telecommunication and passenger
information via different high reliable safety and
security solutions up to infrastructure solutions
including traffic control and power supply systems.

> port, coast-line, border and
offshore wind energy platforms
radar systems design, installation and maintenance
> electronic, sensoric,identification

> AutoID and sensor technology

> Planning, realization, monitoring
Each project has its individual character and so,
a successful project planning and realization must be
based on a structured and established architecture
and layout for the whole life cycle of the project.
We offer project management, we install and support
control systems and last but not least we offer a
special customized service management for
infrastructure for industrial, ports and logistics areas..


Mr Ernst Kreppenhofer
Managing Partner

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