Ensuring safety and efficiency of offshore operations and engineering

What we are looking for:
We are looking for You who works within Hardware simulators, or Simulation softwares. You are in need for accurate 3D simulation results in realtime. Quality simulations based on the real law of nature, as a result of scientific computational R&D within physics and dynamics (not gaming or graphics). Algoryx is the leading physics technology provider, already integrated globally inside 3D simulations products by companies like ANSYS, Kongsberg, ABB, KUKA, Rheinmetall, DSME and many others.

What we offer:
Realtime accuracy in offshore 3D physics simulations - for virtual prototyping, engineering, training simulation.
Algoryx physics engine has been used for 10 years by Kongsberg Maritime in their leading offshore simulators!
Other reference users with "Algoryx Dynamics inside" simulator hardware, or simulation software are:
Rheinmetall, KUKA Robotics, ANSYS, ABB RobotStudio, VSTEP, MacGregor, Tree C, OSC, SMSC, Daewoo DSME, Globalsim, Heerema HMC, and others.
Get high performance dynamics simulations from Algoryx; an essential component in offshore simulators and a key element in the upcoming virtual prototyping area around the globe. Hydrodynamics, highly stable, accurate and fast multi-body dynamics with wire, cable and chain models, geometric overlap generation with dry frictional contacts, gripping, read out accurate forces, and much more - in REALTIME with engineering precision for the best training effect, or most efficient product development.

  • Ships (including repairs and refits)
  • Shipyard installations and equipment
  • Shipbuilding materials
  • Ship fittings and equipment
  • Propulsion system components (e.g. gearings, propellers, couplings)
  • Auxiliary systems for propulsion (generators, etc.)
  • Rudder units/Lateral thrusters
  • Pump and ballast systems
  • Ship safety equipment
  • Waste systems
  • Cargo handling systems
  • Electrical engineering/electronics (e.g. communication, lighting systems)
  • Marine/Offshore technology
  • Marine Research
  • Ports and port technology
  • Maritime services
  • Shipowners
  • Media
  • Institutions and organizations
Collaboration sought:
  • Research cooperation
  • License agreement


Mr M.Sc. Johan Hedengran
Sales Executive

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