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What we are looking for:
We are looking for training providers who wants to join our training network for classroom and onboard training as well as ECDIS manufacturers who would like to corporate with us and to get the crew onboard used to the ECDIS. We are also looking for customers, shipping companies and officers who needs a manufacturer approved certificate and find the most suitable and preferred training method for them.

What we offer:
Safebridge provides training for almost all ECDIS on board. With our wide range of products you have a tailored solutions from a single source. We offer several type-specific ECDIS online simulation training and have the only interactive training by using the original ECDIS software which is documented by manufacturer-approved certifications. Our training saves travel time and cost and enables self-defined, flexible learning through personal time management and modularization. Packages allow flexible allocation of the training to the officers. Safebridge complies with international training regulations and is worldwide available 24/7. You need a stand-alone training solution for type-specific ECDIS courses without the requirements of a broadband internet connection? Contact us!

  • Ship safety equipment
  • Navigation & Monitoring
  • Maritime services
Collaboration sought:
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Manufacturing agreement


Mr Christopher Niggemann
Sales and Support Director

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