Electrical automation services

What we are looking for:
Partners, interested in having a competent, multi-field specialized electrical/automation company.

Shipowners and Technical Managements, especially wih relatively old fleet, requiring regular automation service and support, having problems with old, not-supported systems and/or damaged electronics to repair.

Also-shipowners looking for less specialized electrical team, able to perform electrical works (installing and connecting cables, switchboards, etc.)

Shipayrds, looking for subcontracotrs in the electrical field.

What we offer:
MAREL Service company specializes in servicing maritime automation.

Our advantege is the ability to design, develop and implement automation solutions for the engine room.

We are experts in power generation and management, as well as monitoring and alarm systems.

Huge experience and flexible approach makes us able to develop smart retrofit solutions in a place, where other companies offer complex and costly exchanges of whole systems.

We do have a testing and research facility facing the highest engineering standards, allowing us to perform test of various types of automation equipment.

We have a group of engineers, able to perform a 24/7 service all over th eglobe.

We also hire a group of highly trained electrical installators with experience in doing the job on marine units, which makes us able to assembly the whole, large systems on board.

  • Ships (including repairs and refits)
  • Shipyard installations and equipment
  • Electrical engineering/electronics (e.g. communication, lighting systems)
Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity


Mr Eng. Michał Samborski
Assistant Manager

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