Hoxy Tronic Fuel saving & NOx and PM emissions reduction technology

What we are looking for:
Hoxy Tronic has formed a consortium with Stirling Dynamics, Burgess Marine and TWI-Global to develop Hoxy technology for the maratime industry. The Hoxy Marine business plan is based on a 7- 10% improved fuel economy.

We have Proof of Concept that our system can deliver a 7 -10% mpg diesel fuel saving. We need to continue R&D through a Design of Experiment to establish the key parameter variables and their optimisation, as academic studies, indicate a higher saving than we have so far seen.

Hoxy maratime consortium plans to develop the technology for shipping, and we would like a major shipping company to collaborate with us, providing maratime expertise, funding and/or part funding and access to vessels for testing and trials etc.

What we offer:
Air pollution from shipping causes 50,000 premature deaths annually in the EU.

Hoxy Tronic technology is a system to be retro-fitted to ships which produces ortho-Hydrogen & Oxygen gas which is fed into the engine air inlet system, changing the combustion dynamics, saving fuel ( 7-20%) and reducing NOx and PM emissions by 50-80%.

Research data indicates much improved fuel economy, up to 35% is possible.

Example: A Handymax ship steaming 14knots using 32 Mt/day. Hoxy System Retail Price £250K
Fuel saving @ 10% on Marine Gas Oil $307.5 (Bunkerworld-30/12/2015) x 32Mt/day = saving £680/day
Ship owner gets ROI = 367 Days

Projected pricing to be less than £50 per kiloWatt of engine power.

  • Propulsion system components (e.g. gearings, propellers, couplings)
  • Auxiliary systems for propulsion (generators, etc.)
  • Green propulsion (e.g. LNG, methanol, hybrid, fuel-cells)
  • Marine/Offshore technology
  • Marine Research
  • Shipowners
  • Institutions and organizations
Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Investment / Financing


Mr Dave Thomas
Founder & Tech Director

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