CASPER - Ship Performance Modeling and Analysis

What we are looking for:
Tonnage owners, charterers and shipmanagers interested in analysis, anonymous benchmarking and recommendations in the ship performance. Shipowners with automatic performance logging systems in need of interpretation and analysis of performance data for enhanced decision making in Charter Party descriptions and all matters related to Speed and FOC.

What we offer:
Propulsion Dynamics was the first company to offer turnkey hull and propeller performance analysis services under the tradename CASPER in 2003. We have over 4,000 ship-years experience in this unique area of hydrodynamic analysis of performance data for vessels in service. We offer the data collection, analysis, benchmarking and recommendations to improve fleet operational efficiency. Shipowners use this data for cutting bunker costs and comparing Speed-FOC to anonymous benchmarking and Charter Party conditions.

  • Navigation & Monitoring
  • Maritime services


Mr Daniel Kane
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