Trakalok - Container Security Device (CSD)

What we are looking for:
We are looking for partners to expand our worldwide distribution and service network. At the same time we look for potential customers in the forwarding and shipping industry.

What we offer:
Trakalok is a container security and monitoring system with real-time alerts in case of alarm. An alarm is triggered in a number of situations: A door opening, deviation from assigned routes or driving into user-defined danger zones. The system can be programmed to suit your requirements. The notification can be in real time, individually selectable, via email, SMS or voice alert. All movements, locations and door openings of the secured container are recorded and safely archived for later evaluation. Trakalok is mounted on the outside of the container and is therefore suitable for the monitoring of single sectors of a journey. The Trakalok housing covers several mounting points of the container door lock and protects these against manipulation. The hardware and software are both easy to use; no special instructions or training are necessary. Trakalok is independent and operated separately from forwarding companies.

  • Cargo handling systems


Mr Gunnar Druskat
Managing Director

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